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Four-day tourism in World Geoparkk and Wulanbutong Grassland in Hexigten Banner
D1. Start from Chifeng in the morning, go to Qingshan Scenic Area after breakfast, take a cable car to visit Qingshan and enjoy Moulin, have a lunch in Jingpeng, go to Reshui after lunch, visit with leisure and relax, live in Reshui hot spring at night and experience holy water. 

D2. After breakfast, go to Asihatu Stone Forest Scenic Area, view remnants of glaciation, pass through the sand spruce in Baiyin’s Aobao Scenic Area, enjoy the only original sand spruce forest in the world, have a lunch in Stone Forest, go to Dali Lake Scenic Area after lunch, enjoy swans and taste Huazi Fish. 

D3. After breakfast, go to the Wulanbutong Grassland, visit outer base of films and televisions, ancient battleground in Wulanbutong(the battleground between Kangxi(the emperor in Qing Dynasty) and Geerdan), Five-Color Mountain, and national forest park Huamugou, etc., live in the Mongolian yurt in Wulanbutong in the evening, enjoy the Grassland under the curtain of the night, taste roast whole lamb, etc., and participate in a campfire party. 

D.4 After breakfast, go to Grand Canyon in Xilamulun and Longkou Drift, and return to Chifeng after lunch. 

Notice to Tourists

Opening hours: 7:30—17:30(open in the whole year)

The ticket price is 140 yuan/person(including transportation in the scenic spot). People more than 65 years(including 65 years old), the disabled, students and soldiers can purchase privilege tickets in the ticket office by holding valid documentation.

Recommended visiting hours: 2.5 hours

About us

Keshiketeng Stone originally was called as Asihatu Stone Forest Scenic Spot. It is located in the northern mountain of Great Khingan, which has the elevation of 1700m. The stone is spread along the north-east direction of the ridge. With the east-west width of 3km and north-south length of 5.5km, the area is about 15.6 square kilometers. Keshiketeng Stone was commonly influenc...

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Address: Ticket office in Asihatu stone forest scenic area

Scenic area address:Bayanwulagacha, Bayanchagansumu, Hexigten Banner;

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